Pool Cleaning, Maintenance and Repair


1. Maintenance

Have fallen leaves and debris removed from your pool with the pool cleaning services from We R Water in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico. We are also able to evaluate your pool’s chemical levels to ensure the pool’s longevity.

Maintain your pool with our help. We use the best chemicals to replenish your pool and the price of the chemicals may be included in the price of our services, depending on the service contract. Our staff performs various tasks to keep your pool functioning properly, including:

 • Cleaning
   —Skimmer Basket

• Brushing
• Performing Chemical Analysis
• Adding & Adjusting Chemicals
• Maintaining Salt Systems
• Backwashing Filters

2. Evaluation

We are able to provide on-site evaluations of your pool. All evaluations are custom fit to your pools needs and may be scheduled on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

This service prevents costly repairs and small problems from turning into larger issues. We provide the following:

• Complete Chemical Analysis
• Evaluations of Pumps & Filters
• Deep Cleaning of Filters
• Lubrication of ‘O’ Rings & Valves
• Inspection of Heaters
• Inspection of Lights
• Inspection of Automated Controls
• Inspection of Salt Systems

Add a slide or waterfall to your pool with creative pool remodeling services from WE R WATER in Puerto Aventuras and the Riviera Maya. We also are able to repair broken pool parts.

3. Repairs

Stop a pool leak with our leak detection service. Our experts provide repair services on all pool equipment, including pumps, plumbing, filters, and heaters. If necessary, our staff is also able to replace motors and salt generators.

4. Remodeling

Resurface the interior finish of your pool to remedy staining or deterioration with our help. We also redo tile and remodel or build pool decks, in any acrylic texture. Cool and paver decking is another possibility to go around your pool.
Contact us in Puerto Avenuras to ask for more information about our custom pool cleaning, remodeling and repair services!