Tiles and Retiling

Do you have crumbling or disintegrating tile coping? Are your tiles looking a little shabby? Are they falling off?

Perhaps you’re just tired of looking at the same old pattern, and you’re ready to freshen it up with a new design. We R Water offers various pool tiles and pool capping possibilities.

Retiling is a great way to freshen up your pool and extend its life. And you will probably save water from the leaks you find and fix in the process!

Here's what we do:

  • select from our vast collection of fine pool and spa tiles
  • empty the pool of all the water
  • take off all the existing tiles and scrape off the gunk
  • inspect the pool or spa wall for damage
  • put in place your new tiles

We offer tiles in various materials, finishes, designs and styles to fit every budget.
Don't need a Complete Replacement of your Pool Tiles?
We R Water can also repair or replace just the damaged tiles so that you don’t have to do a complete replacement of all the tiles.

We R Water is the perfect place for pool and spa tiles! 


Based out of Cuernavaca Mexico, the company Kolorines provides us with a wide variety of swimming pool and spa decoration, Kolorines® is the company with today’s foremost international presence.


EKol® System is the new generation of glass tiling. A two-component system - silica stones + mortar - designed to develop high mechanical and chemical resistance that guarantees a superior quality finish. It is a wonderful product source to place in tropical areas.


One of the three brands of tiles, VetroVeneza, is an economy brand created to offer tile lines which meet characteristics of versatility, beauty and endless possibilities for creating architectural designs in pools and spas that require a coating.


Vidrepur has 20 years as a market leader in the manufacture and distribution of high quality glass mosaic tiles. Expert hands, avant-guard designs, and innovation all enable VIDREPUR to present collections that decorate spaces with more personality. Located in Castellon Spain.